31/10/2012 19:52


    Before MDJ A-MA-BAIE was created, the youth of Clorverdale had a community center. Unfortunately this community center closed down only after a few years of being opened. The youth of the neighborhood no longer had a place specifically for them. The only program the community could offer at this point were summer sports teams ran by volunteers. It was then the Cloverdale council, made up of over 15 different organizations and institutions, which identified and decided that the youth of the community and their families were a priority for action. Many resources were put into place in response to the urgent need of this community. The organizations put into place were collective kitchens, multiethnic associations, popular restaurants and prevention program for the youth, hens the creation of Maison des Jeunes A-MA-BAIE on July 17 1990. The opening of the MDJ A-MA-BAIE has allowed promotion for education and reconciliation and integration of youth with different ethnic backgrounds.