History of the MDJ

21/11/2012 16:01

Before the creation of the MDJ A-MA-BAIE, the youth of Cloverdale had a community center. Unfortunately, this community center closed down only a few years after being opened. The youth of the neighborhood no longer had a place of their own. The community now only offered what they could - a summer sports team ran by volunteers. It was then the Cloverdale council, made up of over 15 different organizations and institutions, identitified the youth and their families as a priority for action. Many resources were put into place in response to the urgent need of the community. Put into place were collective kitchens, multiethnic associations, popular restaurants and a prevention program for the youth... the creation of Maison des Jeunes A-MA-BAIE on July 17 1990.

The opening of MDJ has allowed promotion of education and accustom the multiethnic neighborhood.